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Each project we develop is a constelation of stories. We have met different people around the world, each one facing different challenges and walking a unique journey. They all merge together at one point: the transformaton towards energy autonomy and sustainability.



Uruguay's first EMD!

In a groundbreaking partnership with ALUR S.A., Green has installed the first micro-distillery of Uruguay to produce sustainable hydrous bioethanol from sweet potato crops, called boñiato in Uruguay. The EMD was installed in 2015 next to road 30, in the municipality of Artigas, next to a Rehabilitation Center for convicts in probation. The project will diversify local agricultural production and contribute to social inclusion.

Ethanol from sweet potato? Yes, we can!

Artigas is located in one of the poorest regions of Uruguay. Its economy is traditionally dependent on tobacco’s plantations, the major monoculture produced in the region. Green’s EMD installed in the region uses a variety of sweet potato with high content of starch as the natural resource to produce bioethanol, helping to create a more diverse agricultural economy.  The project will be connected to a small-scale agricultural site of 150 hectares in which the community will cultivate sweet potato to be used in the micro-distillery, generating many new jobs for the people of Artigas. Convicts in probation living at the nearby rehabilitation center will work at potato’s fields, generating income for them and for the country while getting reinserted in society. Green’s pioneering project will serve as an example for future investments.

Closed-loop cycle

Due to Green’s unique closed-loop process for energy production, the EMD will add value to sweet potato chain of production while at the same time generating animal feedstock as a byproduct, which can be widely used for all agricultural producers of the region. It produces more than 1,000 liters of ethanol per day, summing up to 330.000 liters each year. The bioethanol produced there will be afterwards carried to another ALUR’s plant, where it will be dehydrated and blended with gasoline, diversifying Uruguay’s energy mix.

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