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Each project we develop is a constelation of stories. We have met different people around the world, each one facing different challenges and walking a unique journey. They all merge together at one point: the transformaton towards energy autonomy and sustainability.



In Guyana, oil imports have historically burdened the country and hampered its economy, blocking major social investments and harming the population. In order to initiate a process of self-sufficiency, the government sought an energy solution through Green’s Social Bioethanol. This sustainable fuel can be mixed with gasoline in order to reduce expenditure on fuel imports and promoting local development.

In partnership with the International Development Bank – IDB, we started in 2013 a new process to turn Guyana in an energetic self-sufficient country. At that time, Guyana was completely dependent on imported fossil fuels, determining a situation of high energy insecurity. In order to change that situation, the Guyana SugarCorporation (GuySuCo) and the Ministry of Agriculture decided to use a parcel of its national sugar cane yield to produce molasses based bioethanol. This renewable fuel would be mixed with gasoline, increasing Guyana’s energy autonomy and generating more revenues for the country’s economy.

Green’s Ethanol Micro-Distillery - EMD was installed for the production of anhydrous ethanol, a kind of alcohol especially developed to serve as additive for fuels, comprising 99.5% pure ethanol and 0.5% water. Gasoline was then mixed with bioethanol at a 22% level, replacing lead and other chemicals that are poisonous and harmful to health and to the environment. Green’s bioethanol is cleaner and, when blended in correct proportion, does not affect engine performance. Furthermore, through this initiative, Guyana’s national government is now able to collect up to 25% of the resources spent in fuel investment, assuring that these will remain inside the country, generating more local jobs and boosting economic development. Moreover, because Green’s bioethanol is a clean and non-pollutant source of energy, Guyana’s is able to preserve its green areas, keeping both national and global environment safe.


Raising the distillation module from Green Social Bioethanol on Vimeo.

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