Moms work for social good

Launched in January 2012, Mom Bloggers Social Good is a global alliance of more than 1000 mothers distributed around 17 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Peru, Jamaica and the Phillipines. These bloggers work to spread news about the work Non-profit organizations develop are developing around the world. It is a channel for good news.

Whenever a partner needs to achieve massive reach in a new initiative, human rights defense campaign or needs to raise funds for a project, the Mom Bloggers work voluntarily and collectively to spread the word on the net.

This international league of connected moms started with 400 founders. The main founder, Jennifer James, has been a key agent in building partnerships with the biggest NGOs in the world. Currently, Jennifer writes for the Gates Foundation and, recently, was invited to take part in Rio+20 as a digital influencer.

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