Guyana – sugarcane is gasoline additive

One of many goals of the government of Guyana has been full payment of foreign debt, which already is half the value it had in the early 1990s. However, oil imports to meet energy needs have burdened the country and hampered the rest of this payment, as well as major social investments impossible for the population. In order to initiate a process of self-sufficiency, the government sought a energy solution through Green’s Social Bioethanol, that can be mixed with gasoline and reduce spending on fuel imports.

Located in South America, the Republic of Guyana with 214.969 km ² of territory and has as its main products sugar, the extraction of gold, bauxite and timber, shrimp fishing and rice. These elements represent almost 60% of the countries GDP. In partnership with Green Social Bioethanol, the Guyana SugarCorporation (GuySuCo), located in the capital Georgetown, will add value to their sugar production through the cultivation of sugar cane, also for bioethanol means.

The Micro Distillery of Green will be installed for the production of anhydrous ethanol, alcohol especially developed to serve as additive for fuels, comprising 99.5% pure ethanol and 0.5% water. Gasoline mixed with 22% of the product to replace lead, chemical poisonous and harmful to health and the environment. This type of ethanol is cleanerand, if added in correct proportion, does not affect engine performance. Furthermore, through this initiative, the government wants that part of the collection with fuel remain in the country for internal development.