Clean Cooking

Introducing clean cookstoves to communities which have a Green Micro Distillery can save lives, as well as decrease deforestation and bring quality of life in places where solid fuels are still used for cooking.

Almost 2 million people die each year worldwide due to smoke inhalation related diseases, most of whom are women and children. These casualties could easily be avoided with non-polluting stoves. The CleanCook burns Bioethanol, is easy-to-use, smoke-free, has a low cost and high efficiency. A much healthier and safer way of cooking.

Women in these communities spend a long time collecting and carrying heavy loads of firewood under adverse conditions. Not only does this increase local deforestation levels, but also restricts these women’s opportunities to pursue education and economic activities to escape poverty.

To bring this change forward, we have teamed up with Project Gaia, a strong partner whose purpose is to facilitate access and distribution of this life-saving device. Together we promote the use of Bioethanol cookstoves and raise awareness of its benefits. Green Micro Distilleries assure these communities autonomy in producing this renewable and clean fuel.